Award Winning Seating Designer

Award Winning Seating Designer

Award winning seat design - working on the seat trim

SDC were presented with the prestigious Bronze Recognition Award, in the 21st Century Supply Chains (SC21) programme, designed to accelerate improvements in the competitiveness of the UK’s aerospace and defence industry by raising the performance of its supply chain.

The SC21 Recognition Awards Scheme, run by A|D|S – the trade body advancing UK AeroSpace, Defence and Security industries, offers businesses a range of cost-saving, quality improvement and relationship-building benefits. The scheme is endorsed by both the Ministry of Defence and all twenty two of the UK aerospace and defence primes, and officially recognises demonstrable and sustained excellence from high performing suppliers, with special focus on SMEs.

Against the SC21 scoring criteria, SDC performed particularly well in the areas of; policy and strategy, leadership, partnerships and resources. Other key strengths identified by the scoring matrix included; excellent working practises such as strong financial controls, a flexible and innovative approach to the market sector’s requirements and strong processes in place for capturing customer specific requirements both in terms of design and product.

This is the second awards nomination in as many months awards, in October SDC were also awarded for their collaborative work on their Turret seats for the Warrior armoured vehicle by BAE Land Systems.