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CNC Foam Cutting

CNC Foam Cutting

We machine prototype polyurethane foams in-house straight from the CAD utilising Delcam software.

foam prototype
Delcam Powermill is the worlds leading specialist NC CAM software for the manufacture of complex shapes such as those typically found in aerospace, automotive, medical or toolmaking applications. This, coupled with our machining centre, enables us to competitively produce prototype seat sets to small components such as armrests.

This is in addition to our ability to machine model board for soft tooling and in-process gauging and also EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) for proto-typing low density inserts such as headrests and bolsters.



CNC Cushion FoamEPP Bolster

Metal Prototyping

We have a well-equipped metals development workshop which enables us to manufacture quickly

Seat Development

Speedy and accurate development direct from 2D or 3D CAD data for high accuracy